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Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy Photo
Neurological Physiotherapy Photo

What is neurophysiotherapy? As a sufferer of a neurological condition you will come across this term. It simply means physiotherapy applied with specialist regard for the neurological system and how it has affected the body. A neurophysiotherapist will complete a specialist assessment and use a different range of treatment techniques to help address the problems created by neurological conditions. These are conditions which affect the central nervous system, that's the brain and spinal cord.

The problems created by neurological conditions are many and varied. They can include muscle spasms, weakness, tightness and contracture. There can also be postural difficulties, inco-ordination, pain and altered sensation.

Because of the variety of presentations and problems, a neurophysiotherapist will use a tailored approach to treatment after a thorough individual assessment. The assesment will include an analysis of movement and therefore the treatment is likely to involve some movement re-education. Usually a treatment series will also involve advice and exercises for you to continue between sessions.

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Domiciliary Visits - Do you struggle to get out because of pain?

Would you like to improve your mobility and confidence?

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We have specialist physiotherapy staff that can visit you at home and after a full assessment of your needs and difficulties, can make a treatment programme that will cover all of the identified problems.

Have you had a stroke or have a neurological problem that you would like help managing? If so, we have a specialist physiotherapist who can assess you and treat you either in the comfort and security of your own home or at Physio at the Lodge clinic.

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After years of pain and discomfort and seeing numerous Dr’s, Specialists and Physio’s I’d just about given in to the fact that I’d never be without this pain/discomfort. After just one session with Richard I came away feeling refreshed and hopeful I could be normal again. He recognised my issues almost instantly (which numerous others had missed)and explained everything clearly – a complete breathe of fresh air. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

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