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Do you have persistent back pain or neck pain which is having a negative impact on your life? Sciatica, Slipped or Herniated Disc?

If you have been in pain for some time and your condition is making it difficult to go about your normal daily activities, the IDD Therapy Programme at Physio At The Lodge is our first choice treatment programme to help you.

What is IDD Therapy?

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Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is the non-surgical spinal decompression treatment which treats targeted spinal segments. IDD Therapy allows us to decompress the intervertebral disc, improve mobility and relieve pain.

Many back pain conditions are located at a particular level in the spine. With IDD Therapy we use computer-controlled pulling forces delivered by the SDS SPINA medical device to gently distract (draw apart) targeted segments of the spine in order to take pressure off specific discs and nerves. At the same time, we gently stretch tight muscles and stiff ligaments and relieve muscle spasm.

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By decompressing (taking pressure off) an injured or bulging disc and stretching the soft tissues, we can improve mobility in the spine and allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently. In so doing, we can relieve pain caused by muscle spasm and alleviate nerve compression and irritation cased by bulging discs.

As physiotherapists, we can treat most back and neck pain with manual therapies and exercise but for some conditions - particularly those which are disc-related - patients need something more to help their condition improve.

Why choose IDD Therapy?

  • Current treatment is not working
  • Want to stop taking painkillers
  • Seeking long-term pain relief
  • Want to return to normal daily activities

Typical candidates for IDD Therapy are people who have back or neck pain and may have tried various other treatments without success.

They may be taking pain medication and may be considering invasive treatments such as injections or in extreme cases, surgery.

We have spent our careers treating backs. With so many problems originating from the compression and progressive immobility of the intervertebral discs and spinal segment, IDD Therapy gives us the ability to provide a targeted treatment whose primary goal is to decompress the injured disc. This is great news for us and more importantly our patients.

Richard Hughes

I remember the old traction beds with a degree of horror, IDD Therapy addresses the failings of traction. When treating difficult conditions like chronic herniated discs and/or sciatica, IDD Therapy treatment tool is now our number one treatment of choice to get patients out of pain and back to normal activities.

Paula Salmon

I had been suffering for 18 months with unbearable sciatica & pins and needles in my left leg. I tried conventional Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic with out improvement. I also had spinal injections and had been taking lots of painkillers. Before commencing IDD treatment the pain would worsen progressively and it was sometimes difficult to walk. After completing my IDD treatment my pain is minimal, does not deteriorate through the day, the pins & needles have gone. All in all I can now work and walk again, I have my life back - Thank you..

Physio At The Lodge is part of a UK network of IDD Therapy providers which includes physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic clinics as well as some hospitals, and over 1,000 providers internationally.

Want to know more?

For more information or to book an assessment call us on 01270 661661 or email us at: or use the Contact Us form to request an information document by post or email

IDD Therapy treatment is one treatment tool we use and as part of your assessment we will advise you on the most applicable treatment for your individual needs.

We look forward to seeing you.

Get your life back on track with IDD Therapy

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