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After years of pain and discomfort and seeing numerous Dr’s, Specialists and Physio’s I’d just about given in to the fact that I’d never be without this pain/discomfort. After just one session with Richard I came away feeling refreshed and hopeful I could be normal again. He recognised my issues almost instantly (which numerous others had missed)and explained everything clearly – a complete breathe of fresh air. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Before consulting Richard I had visited a few different Physiotherapists due to a problem with my back. Each time after a few visits the pain would ease but it would always come back. At one point I thought I may have to give up cycling but with Richard’s help my back is sorted. The difference was that Richard focused on what was causing the problem as opposed to treating the pain. With treatment and guidance as to what I needed to do I can now continue cycling, snowboarding and get on with my life painfree.

I have been receiving treatment for a deteriorating back complaint for a number of years, resulting in three operations on my back and one on my knee, Richard Hughes of Physio at the Lodge has provided physio to maintain and strengthen me between operations and post operative physio therapy.

The treatment I have received from Richard Hughes has been excellent; his innovative, dynamic, professional and caring approach has had a positive impact on my injuries and recovery. The use of hands on therapy, instruction on good posture and exercise ensured not only an improvement during the appointment but also between appointments. Richard always confirmed I understood what he was doing and why, allowing me to feel confident and at ease.

Richard has supported me through a long period of pain and restricted movement, bringing improvement to my condition, without which I would have been unable to work and my quality of life would have been zero. I have recommended him to a number of friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.

I would like to thank Paula and the staff at Physio at the Lodge for the treatment and support I have received. I first attended the clinic over 3 years ago when I was looking at the possibility of a back operation if physio didn't help. The treatment, tips for managing the condition and advice on how to keep my back healthy  have been second to none. Thanks to Paula I am now able to live a very active lifestyle, only needing to attend the clinic occassionally. In addition to this the staff are always very friendly, helpful and welcoming.  A big thank you.

After years of back pain and an eventual lower back micro-discectomy, I feel so fortunate to have Paula on hand.  She is professional and highly skilled at what she does (my GP says that 'what Paula doesn't know about backs isn't worth knowing!').  She is friendly and supportive and has given me invaluable advice and treatment over the years. The service that she and the Team at Physio at the Lodge offer, at a great venue, have helped me get on with my life and I would thoroughly recommend them to you.

I unfortunately had an operation on my spinal cord which has left me with a neurological condition and in chronic pain for the reset of my life but I have been lucky enough to receive help, diagnosis and fantastic treatment from the team at Physio at the Lodge for the last three years.

I cannot speak highly enough of the team from the receptionists who go out of their way to make the appointments you need through to the physios who help with pain discomfort from using ultrasound treatment on my shoulder and exercises. I can assure you I walk out each week feeling like a new woman.

I would highly recommend anybody requiring treatment to use the excellent services that they provide.

I became a patient at Physio at the Lodge during 2011 with severe back pain. My treatment has been systematic, friendly and professional. During this time my back pain has been reduced and stabilised and therefore my quality of life improved. The support staff are friendly, helpful and efficient.

This is an excellent physio practice. From the first contact with reception you are made to feel welcome. Paula has successfully treated my daughter and myself and Richard gave my 92 year old father help and advice after his stroke.

Everyone is caring, friendly and above all professional. I can highly recommend their services.

When I was told I need surgery after  a  sporting accident left me with a serious neck injury, I asked if there was any alternative approach I could try first. The Specialist referred me to Richard (Hughes), a physiotherapist specialising in spinal disorders and the work began. Over the next months and years Richards care and expertise took me from a severe acute problem through a huge transformation to a very manageable stable condition where I can live the very active life I always have. I have found the whole practice to be calm, organised and very helpful.  Richard’s knowledge, treatment and thorough analysis of the problems involved along with his explanation of the benefits of the exercises and treatments given, have encompassed not only the original injury but ordinary everyday activities which impact on our bodies so considerably. I can’t recommend Physio at the Lodge highly enough. Thank you.